"In one study of 15 patients , (whose epilepsy was not controlled by conventional anti-convulsants) 8 were given CBD and 7 were given placebos. 4 of the 8 patients were free of seizures in the study period, 3 were improved and 1 of the 7 who had the placebo showed a little clinical improvement". (Cannabidiol benefited 7 out of the 8).

"Despite (this) suggestive evidence of efficacy, there has been no further research on the anti-convulsant properties of Cannabidiol.
This may be because more effective anti-convulsant drugs exist and Pharmaceutical companies have no interest in
marketing a naturally occurring substance that cannot be patented.".

(National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre. Sydney, NSW. Wayne Hall, Louisa Degenhardt, Michael Lynskey
- 2001 Monograph Series No.25. National Drug Strategy)