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This is an information site intended to offer a broad range of material on medical cannabis. The intention is to obtain and include as much New Zealand input as possible.

The available published data is the easy part, what would be of significantly more value would be personal stories, testimonials and observations of both medical users and the varied professionals with an interest in the field.

Those who wish to contribute, can send a direct contribution by going to the contact page, and please advise if/when it is posted, a real name or nick name gets attributed.

Those with concerns about personal security or privacy, in particular medical professionals and the like, can arrange an anonymous email by signing up to one of the free online email sites such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Windows Live Hotmail.

Medical cannabis is not a wonder drug, but its place in the management of many conditions is underestimated. In part because it offers up very low cost alternatives currently marketed by Pharmaceutical companies. Also because it’s recreational use has been an easy target for negative media hype, once again driven initially by self interested US media barons and compounded by those with personal agendas both here and overseas. Hence not only will medical aspects be explored but consideration will be given to overall harm minimisation and how prohibition impacts on medical cannabis.


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Medicines Act 1981 - Consent to the Distribution of New Medicines

New Zealand Gazett
Wellington: Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pursuant to section 20 of the Medicines Act 1981, the Minister of Health hereby consents to the distribution in New Zealand of the new medicines set out in the Schedule hereto:

Product: Sativex
Active Ingredients: Cannabidiol 27mg/mL as Cannabis sativa extract 36mg–44mg
Tetrahydrocannabinol 25mg/mL as Cannabis sativa extract 35mg–42mg
Dosage Form: Oral spray
New Zealand Sponsor: Health Support Limited
Manufacturer: CP Pharmaceuticals Limited, Wrexham, United Kingdom

Cannabis 'ok' for medicinal use - Law Commission


Cannabis would be allowed for medicinal use and low-level pot-smokers sent to rehab instead of prison under proposals revealed this afternoon by the Law Commission. The Law Commission Issues Paper on Controlling and Regulating Drugs also calls for a "major overhaul" of the law governing new drugs like BZP party pills.

Law Commission President Sir Geoffrey Palmer today said there was "scope for a range of different approaches" to drug laws in New Zealand.

"There may be a case for taking more flexible approaches to offences involving possession of small quantities of drugs for personal use," Sir Geoffrey said.

The report says there is "no reason why cannabis should not be able to be used for medicinal purposes in limited circumstances".

Under a proposed scheme, people suffering from chronic or debilitating illnesses would be able to use cannabis under medical supervision, particularly where conventional treatment options had proven ineffective. Cannabis cultivators would be licensed to provide medicinal marijuana in the same way as other legitimate dealers in controlled drugs, the report said.

Justice Minister Simon Power today said he would be interested in submissions on the report but he would not allow medicinal use of cannabis.

"There is not a single solitary chance that as long as I'm the Minister of Justice that we'll be relaxing drug laws in New Zealand," Mr Power said.

Mr Power's comments were at odds with the report, which suggested there should be less emphasis on conviction and punishment for low level drug users and more on treatment.

"Simply punishing a drug user, without taking steps to address their drug use, is a wasted opportunity," the report said.

It suggested three options where personal use of marijuana was detected. The options were: a three strikes caution regime; on the spot infringement notices; or legislation allowing police to choose from a range of options for punishment. The regulation of new drugs - like party pills - was recommended for change. The Commission said there should be a new regime where any new psychoactive substance would not be available without prior approval.

The report said that the proposals were likely to raise concern they would lead to an increase in drug use.

"However, most studies in this area have concluded that changes in use levels are independent of the regulatory approach in place - that is, the regulatory approach itself neither increases or decreases drug use," the report said.

Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3317457/Cannabis-ok-for-medicinal-use-Law-Commission



NZMA Backs Medical Use Of Cannabis

Tuesday, 15 June, 2010 - 08:15

The country's largest medical organisation is backing a Law Commission proposal that would allow for the medicinal use of cannabis.

The New Zealand Medical Association (NZMA), which has 4500 members, says it supports a Law Commission proposal to allow people suffering from chronic or debilitating illnesses to use cannabis under medical supervision.

The proposal, outlined in the commission's "Issues Paper on Controlling and Regulating drugs", has not found favour with Justice Minister Simon Power, but NZMA Director Peter Foley believes the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes IS acceptable, provided it is subject to the same evidence-based testing as any other drug used for the same reason.

In a submission to the Law Commission, Foley said the Association (NZMA) supported cannabis being prescribed by registered medical practitioners for specified conditions where other available treatments or drug therapies have not been effective or have produced unmanageable side-effects. Medicinal use of cannabis is currently legal in 13 states in the US, Canada, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Green Party tried last year to get the Misuse of Drugs Act amended to allow cannabis to be used for medicinal purposes, but their bill failed on its first reading after it was voted down 86-34 on a conscience vote by MPs.

Cannabis is still the drug of choice for New Zealanders, according to a UN report, with cannabis use in our region more prevalent than ANYWHERE else in the World. In 2003, around 20% of people aged between 15-45 used cannabis here. That has now dropped to 17.9%.


Source: http://www.voxy.co.nz/national/nzma-backs-medical-use-cannabis/5/51980



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